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Everwell delivers tailored Occupational Health Assessment & Sickness Absence Support, Fitness to Work Medicals, Health Surveillance, Employee well-being and offsite / workplace services in Liverpool, further afield in the NW and nationwide across the UK.  We would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

On-Line Booking

To book an appointment at Liverpool (or one of our other OH Physician clinics) please use the button on the right.  Choose your required service and then the date and time.  The first time you access this service you will need to input a few details and the appointment will only be reserved.  We will then simply accept you as a new user, the appointment will be confirmed and thereafter all future appointments can be booked directly (rather than reserved).

If the service you require and/or the date/time is not available then please do call our team to discuss.  Likewise should you require services outside the Liverpool area then we are normally in a good position to help so do contact us.

Please see our main website www.everwelloh.co.uk or call us today on 01270 767880 for further details.

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